Very pleased to be sharing this next video - it's been a long process, late late nights, early mornings, sun chasing like a deranged sunflower and wonderfully repetitive (I can say wonderfully now, there were times when it was nearer the frustrating side!)

ALA.NI had the most brilliant idea for this music video a long time ago - she has a unique (in my opinion) ability to see these ideas in her minds eye. The process is always the same, Alani tells me her idea, her dream video and then I have the great pleasure and privilege to try and help her make it a reality.

So we set about it. Alani mapped out the story, choreographed the exact shots, amount of shots she would need and scribbled it all down on paper, then directed me around a small boutique hotel room and a stormy stormy Brighton beach!

Then we studied the process we would use to make the video. A process known as CYANOTYPE.

So you can grasp exactly what labour of love went into this, here's a brief history:

"The English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel discovered the procedure in 1842. Though the process was developed by Herschel, he considered it as mainly a means of reproducing notes and diagrams, as in blueprints. It was Anna Atkins who brought this to photography. She created a limited series of cyanotype books that documented ferns and other plant life from her extensive seaweed collection. Atkins placed specimens directly onto coated paper, allowing the action of light to create a silhouette effect. By using this photogram process, Anna Atkins is regarded as the first female photographer."

In even simpler terms, we took hundreds of photos. Produced negatives for each one. Coated hundreds of pieces of paper in cyanotype solution. Placed the negatives upon them, put them in sunlight and let the ultraviolet rays burn the silhouette of the negatives onto the paper. The remaining solution turning blue. Then we animated all the photo's together. It took about a month.

Leaving us with this, a wonderful vision taken from a mind to a screen: ALA.NI - Come To Me

Many thanks to all that helped along the way, especially Fotospeed for providing us with encouragement and the acetate paper to make our negatives! To the Synnott/Story/Buster combo for the sporadic use of their home, water, garden and shed! Thom Undrell for lending us his time in Brighton to capture some making-of material!

Sitting alongside this and in one of those 'box ticking' moments life sometimes provides, one of the shots taken in the process has been used on the Vinyl of the ALA.NI Summer EP. For a vinyl junkie like me, this makes for a proud day!

#alani #cyanotype #photography #summerep #johnherschel #annaatkins #carolinestory #aidansynnottphotography #thomundrell #cometome

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