The 'Listeners Project' - I love collaborations like this. Ben Lambert and Natasha Coleman are the exec producers behind it all. The premise is expansively simple, described best in their own words:

"Walls tell stories and we listen. By creating a series of short films we acknowledge the history of the space and tell stories that keep it forever.

Each director picks a room at random. Their crew must create a story within that space (and only that space) within a specified time limit. Crews are given a unifying theme but each film has its own unique story. All films are screened together in the space on a given date as a celebration of the creative project and the space itself."

Some great shorts have come out of this, particularly enjoying 'Occupy' and 'The Red Room'

Go check out the films for yourself HERE

If you feel like getting involved drop the line at -

#thelistenersproject #shorts

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