Great to see a recent blog post from Travis Beacham (writer of Pacific Rim, Ballistic City, Killing On Carnival Row) talking about his new short The Curiosity. He has cast the wonderful Caroline Ford as his lead, which is great news and well deserved after the unfortunate re-shuffle at FOX that lead to Hieroglyph (Caroline's first lead role in a series) being cancelled before it had a chance to begin!

Take a look at Travis Beacham's post here.

I too will be directing a new short I've written called 'Green Lights & Brake Lights' with Caroline this summer so it's great to see her busy and getting some recognition!

This all coming off the back of a guest appearence in Sleepy Hollow with another great actor I've had the pleasure of directing - Tom Mison.

The trailer for the episode:

#carolineford #tommison #sleepyhollow #pacificrim #travisbeacham #fox #shorts

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