107% - Jaime Alguersuari

In talks for an exciting new project, delving into the world of motorsport for the first time! Aiming to follow Jaime Alguersuari in the new environmentally friendly world of Formula-E, a man who was raised to race but is reaching a crossroads now his initial dream came true...

Aged just nineteen, Jaime was the youngest ever driver to make a Formula One appearance. After a rocky tenure on the F1 team which ended in 2011 (despite still being the driver who has scored the most points for Torro Rosso since they became a manufacturer), Jaime, now twenty-four, openly voices his disillusion with the F1 system, which like other sports is fuelled by money. Having switched to Formula E, a much greener racing format that uses electric cars, the stakes are still high. Jaime must compete against colleagues to stay on top of the game. Formula E introduced an incentive to attract young viewers, so the three drivers with the most social media votes will have the power of their cars increased prior to a race. This means Jaime must also fight to keep fans and gain new ones.

In Miami we hope to film our first race with Jaime, the environment is exciting but stressful. We see Jaime in his element, at home on the track, focused and driven, but also weary. We ask what is working for him and what isn’t? How is the competition between teammates? This first introduction to his world will see us diving into the deep end, following his every move on and off the track, feeling the intensity of the sport. We grow closer to Jaime as we follow the action, using a mixture of live racing footage and social media, so we get a full and honest picture of life in the fast lane.

The race season continues to Long Beach, Monaco, Berlin and finally back to London.

Between races, during the moments when Jaime has a chance to breathe and reflect, we go back to the same question. Is this still working for you? Has your attitude changed?

Has Jaime come closer to making a decision about his future? Is there enough heart left in the sport to win him over?

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